Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Someones drawn on me again...

So Mum and I went to the London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco docks near Tower Hill last Friday. This is the second time we've been and it did not dissapoint. Got there for 11.30 when it opened and after queuing we got in about 10minutes later.

We had a look around and mum spotted a art print that caught her eye. It was of a hawk. She wanted an owl done in the style of this hawk so had a chat with the artist Jeremy justice from Seatlle.

He was booked all day but agreed to get her in before all his appointments started.

She sat like a trooper and it took an hour.

Placing the stencil

Jeremy Justice at work

The finished tattoo, you cant see the detail here, but he really put effort in creating the owls facial features.

So after Mum had hers done, I couldnt resist anymore. I was not going to get one as I didnt have enough money, however mum came to the rescue and gave me a loan. I knew what i wanted but needed to find the right artist. I wanted someone who could life like swallows instead of traditional. I wasn't seeing anyone that caught my eye, when all of a sudden mum spotted a guys portfolio that had a real life swallow in a gourgeous red colour. I told him what we wanted and he drew this free hand for me.

So this is half way through, this took just over an hour at this stage and it hurt. Although the ribs are not the most painful spot for me, it still takes some concentration.

So after 3 hours of work here is the finished article. Its very red here and doesnt do it justice but a final pic will come later. I just need to loose some weight now, photo does not put my tummy in a good light.

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  1. Goodness that is a striking tattoo you have there. I've been toying with the idea of having something on my ribs for years but money and pain factor keeps preventing me!