Thursday, 13 June 2013

Irregular Choice Flopsy Shoes

As you may or may not know I am completely obsessed with anything bunny/rabbit like. If they make it, I want it esp clothes, accessories and shoes.

So I squealed with glee to find Irregular Choice have made a bunny show called Flopsy. Aren't they just divine???

Alas I do not have a spare £100 so I shall just drool over for the time being.

Vix xxx

Fat....the never ending issue

I am starting this blog again for several reasons

1. To journal my weight loss (more about that later)
2. To post the things i love to talk about whether it be coffee, vintage clothes, hair and make up or bunnies
3. Its about bloody time

So I was looking at some old photos of myself only from a few years ago and was horrified to see just how much weight I have put on.

In this photo above you will see me at my thinnest. I was a size 10 on below and a 8/10 on top. I felt healthy, was eating well and going to the gym at least 5 times a week. 

This is where I want to be back to. Its no lie that I am miserable being this size but I can only blame myself, through tough personal times I lost the motivation to go to the gym or do any form of exercise. And slowly the weight I fought so hard to lose crept back on. 

This photo was taken at the weekend and I am now at my heaviest and biggest clothes size I am now a 10\12 on top and 14 on bottom. Something I am not proud of or happy with.

So from now I am going to make that effort to get back in shape and get healthy and fit. Starting with small gym sessions at least 3 times a week and choosing healthier options. 

It will take time, there is no miracle fix, unless I win the lottery and then I can have it all sucked out.

I found this photo and although I can still pick flaws in it, this is where I would like to be back to by the end of the year. I turn 30 this year in October so I will be making sure I am at least down 1 dress size by then.

For me my vices are cake and chocolate. So I have options i now have to make a concerted effort to say no to cake when i buy a coffee from my fave coffee house and don't put the chocolate in the basket in the supermarket. I've done it before so i know I can do it again.

What are your food vices and how do you say no?

Vix xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

ZOMG Bloggersbash

So on Monday it was the ZOMG Bloggers Bash hosted by Rockalily and The london lipgloss to promote the new limited edition Rockalily Lipstick ZOMG

I was lucky to pre-order mine and be able to collect it on the night. It is far by my favourite lipstick in the collection. An amazing raspberry pink but not too bright. I love how it compliments my pals skin tone.

The night was also a chance for bloggers and tweeters to come together and get to know one another a little better. There was so much to do on the night, and I started making a valentines card for my other half courtesy of the lovely Denise at I absolutely loved making the card and it was a great way to chat to other ladies.

I then took to decorating a cup cake. I would have eaten it but was a tad full so took it home and gave it to my other half the next day. He loved it.

I also posed with a wonderland wig on for a pin up photo by the amazing Tigz Rice She was a lovely lady and here photos turned out amazing.

The end of the night was to be a surprise and a first for me as I've never seen Burlesque before. I didn't really know what to expect but I loved both performances.

First was the amazing Ruby Jones. I loved her performance as it was so different and not what I expected from a burlesque performance.

Next up was the stunning Banbury Cross She is currently the face of Rockalily and boy is lady a stunner. After looking at her waist I have decided to never eat again.

She ended up finishing off her set by spraying champagne over herself and the crowd and yes being at the front I got covered.

I enjoyed both acts and really want to go and see a Burlesque night.

It was lovely to meet so many lovely ladies on the night and unfortunately I didn't get to speak to everyone but hopefully there will be another one in the future.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Blitz Party, Shoreditch

So Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited as ReeRee Rockettes date to the Blitz Party in Shoreditch.
Due to having split with the other half I thought why not? I didn't have anything else to do plus it was a free ticket.

We arrived just after 8pm and the venue was beautifully decorated. There were sand bags placed outside as if there was going to be a raid.

The ration books were the drinks menu and not too badly priced either. £3.50 for a beer and £5.50 for a double.

I went for a strange beer, cant say it was around in the 1940's mind.

The venue was decorated like a wartime venue.

The delightful ReeRee Rockette looked lovely in her land girl style clothing. She dresses like this daily and it looks lovely.

I wasn't quite dressed for the right era, but I loved the night anyway

So the night was a success and I would definitely go again, given the chance

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Someones drawn on me again...

So Mum and I went to the London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco docks near Tower Hill last Friday. This is the second time we've been and it did not dissapoint. Got there for 11.30 when it opened and after queuing we got in about 10minutes later.

We had a look around and mum spotted a art print that caught her eye. It was of a hawk. She wanted an owl done in the style of this hawk so had a chat with the artist Jeremy justice from Seatlle.

He was booked all day but agreed to get her in before all his appointments started.

She sat like a trooper and it took an hour.

Placing the stencil

Jeremy Justice at work

The finished tattoo, you cant see the detail here, but he really put effort in creating the owls facial features.

So after Mum had hers done, I couldnt resist anymore. I was not going to get one as I didnt have enough money, however mum came to the rescue and gave me a loan. I knew what i wanted but needed to find the right artist. I wanted someone who could life like swallows instead of traditional. I wasn't seeing anyone that caught my eye, when all of a sudden mum spotted a guys portfolio that had a real life swallow in a gourgeous red colour. I told him what we wanted and he drew this free hand for me.

So this is half way through, this took just over an hour at this stage and it hurt. Although the ribs are not the most painful spot for me, it still takes some concentration.

So after 3 hours of work here is the finished article. Its very red here and doesnt do it justice but a final pic will come later. I just need to loose some weight now, photo does not put my tummy in a good light.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's a dogs life

Yesterday I spent my lunch break over Hampstead Heath with one of my work colleagues. He's off on holiday so brought his two dogs down for me to meet.

They are two lovely Staffies. Tony is the black and white one and peej is the all white cutie pie.

They loved chasing each other and it was lovely to finally meet them as i'd heard so much about them.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Pop up vintage fair Hampstead 18/09/11

So yesterday I went to my first Pop up Vintage fair in Hampstead. I didn't know what to expect as I've never been to a London one before. I have been to one where I live, however unfortunately there was not a good turn out.

Got there for 11am and it was already really busy. It had some lovely stalls selling some beautiful items. There was lovely gold dress hanging up which would have been perfect for our vintage themed new years eve party that my friennds are planning but it went before I could take another look.

 The hall was set out great and you could have a good old rummage through the rails.

 We got to try out some of  Vintage Teatime delicious cake. I opted for a coffee. I needed waking up due to it being a Sunday. 'One lump for me'

The tables were set out beautifully. I wanted to take the roses home :)

We had lush cake. I opted for the Victoria sponge with real strawberries and the other half went for the red velvet cake which was just as yummy.

I got to have a dinky vintage cup which made the experience fab! I need to purchase myself one of these now. I also am sporting my brand new 'Rockalily' Lipstick in 'Vintage Vixen' greatly named if I do say so myself. Still not sure on my full fringe though

 Fellow tea drinkers and cake eaters.

 There were some lovely cup cakes on sale but I didnt get to try one. Maybe next time :)

So I got my lipstick that I have been banging on about for the past week. Thought i'd like 'Vintage Vixen' the most and I did although 'Rockette Red' was a close second. Maybe next pay day ;) The owner Ree Ree was very lovely and looked amazing. Adored her leopard print bandana and dress. I hope she made lots of sales as her stall looked cute. I also wanted to buy a print off  the stall next door but didnt have enough money. Maybe next time.

So the next fair is on October 30th and I shall defiantely visit it again.