Monday, 19 September 2011

Pop up vintage fair Hampstead 18/09/11

So yesterday I went to my first Pop up Vintage fair in Hampstead. I didn't know what to expect as I've never been to a London one before. I have been to one where I live, however unfortunately there was not a good turn out.

Got there for 11am and it was already really busy. It had some lovely stalls selling some beautiful items. There was lovely gold dress hanging up which would have been perfect for our vintage themed new years eve party that my friennds are planning but it went before I could take another look.

 The hall was set out great and you could have a good old rummage through the rails.

 We got to try out some of  Vintage Teatime delicious cake. I opted for a coffee. I needed waking up due to it being a Sunday. 'One lump for me'

The tables were set out beautifully. I wanted to take the roses home :)

We had lush cake. I opted for the Victoria sponge with real strawberries and the other half went for the red velvet cake which was just as yummy.

I got to have a dinky vintage cup which made the experience fab! I need to purchase myself one of these now. I also am sporting my brand new 'Rockalily' Lipstick in 'Vintage Vixen' greatly named if I do say so myself. Still not sure on my full fringe though

 Fellow tea drinkers and cake eaters.

 There were some lovely cup cakes on sale but I didnt get to try one. Maybe next time :)

So I got my lipstick that I have been banging on about for the past week. Thought i'd like 'Vintage Vixen' the most and I did although 'Rockette Red' was a close second. Maybe next pay day ;) The owner Ree Ree was very lovely and looked amazing. Adored her leopard print bandana and dress. I hope she made lots of sales as her stall looked cute. I also wanted to buy a print off  the stall next door but didnt have enough money. Maybe next time.

So the next fair is on October 30th and I shall defiantely visit it again.

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