Friday, 16 September 2011


So it's Friday. Yey!

Woke up this morning and thought it was the middle of the night. It was so dark this morning. Cant believe soon it will be even darker in the mornings and evenings.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and coloured at Vintage Rock . Thought i'd try out a fuller fringe however I don't like it so now I have a short side fringe. Give it a week though and it will have grown already.

This was what I was wearing in my hair on Wednesday. Cute butterfly clip.

Yesterday I sported my nans scarf in my hair again. Little did I know my beautiful fringe would go.

Finally, I have gotten into home baking again. I made this lasagne on Wednesday and it was so big, its substituted as my lunch for the past two days.

I am hoping to bake another pear crumble this week or I might bake some cup cakes at some point. I feel this the start of a beautiful baking career ;)

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