Monday, 10 October 2011

The Blitz Party, Shoreditch

So Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited as ReeRee Rockettes date to the Blitz Party in Shoreditch.
Due to having split with the other half I thought why not? I didn't have anything else to do plus it was a free ticket.

We arrived just after 8pm and the venue was beautifully decorated. There were sand bags placed outside as if there was going to be a raid.

The ration books were the drinks menu and not too badly priced either. £3.50 for a beer and £5.50 for a double.

I went for a strange beer, cant say it was around in the 1940's mind.

The venue was decorated like a wartime venue.

The delightful ReeRee Rockette looked lovely in her land girl style clothing. She dresses like this daily and it looks lovely.

I wasn't quite dressed for the right era, but I loved the night anyway

So the night was a success and I would definitely go again, given the chance


  1. This looks like such fun! I really need to get myself to one sometime soon. You gals look really cute with your ration books! xx

  2. Blitz party? That sounds awesome! And all those boys in old fashioned uniforms, yummy!

  3. glad you had a good night! I actually met my beau at the one this time last year! i must say the ratio of boys to girls is always abit disappointing but the boys sure do look handsome all dressed up! xx